Am Horizont is a concert series which seeks to bring some of the most exciting music of today to Canterbury & East Kent. Via a combination of exciting, original programming and engagement with the city's rich cultural & historical heritage, we hope to connect the old & familiar with the new & strange. Our outlook embraces both the international and local, programming the music of Kent-based composers alongside eminent figures from the near past, in a bid to trace the lineage of the tremendous talent that East Kent has to offer.

Free Range, 7th Feb 2019:
"Am Horizont [...] present a performance of Octet by Laurence Crane. Crane has written of his work: 'I use simple and basic musical objects; common chords and intervals, arpeggios, drones, cadences, fragments of scales and melodies. The materials may seem familiar - perhaps even rather ordinary - but my aim is to find a fresh beauty in these objects by placing them in new structural and formal contexts'."

John Cage - Six Melodies for violin & piano
Laurence Crane - Octet

  • Lawrence Fletcher, clarinet/bass clarinet
  • Joe Inkpen, electric guitar
  • Aidan Shepherd, accordion
  • Samuel Messer, piano/electric organ
  • Karen Joliffe, violin
  • Emily Rossitter, cello
  • Matthew Brown, Anna Braithwaite, drones & percussion